Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Haiti update

We are going to Haiti in a couple of weeks with Pastor Brian to visit the girls and hopefully brainstorm with Jamie and Ali about raising money to support Bresma 3. We are meeting with a woman from our denomination who is herself an adoptive mom to three Haitian daughters and an experienced money raiser : )

Received from Jamie today....I told the girls yesterday that you were coming and they are really happy. They were dancing and singing about you coming. F said she is not going in the pool. J said thank you for T's email. She also wanted to tell T that she made a picture of her brother Jimmy and when T sees it she is going to laugh really hard. She made him look like a little boy even though he is a big boy. She is getting really excited to come home. She only talks about you guys. Even the dog.
F's feet grew to a size 7. She still wears the sandals you brought but her toes are sticking over the edge. If you can find some flip flops for J that would be good too. J loves stickers.

I'll post some new pics of my sweet Haitian girls soon.

Libertyville Days

Isn't this the scariest looking monkey you've ever seen? P thought it was soooooo cute - obviously reminding her of George.


Introducing our new (but temporary) pet Painted Turtle - Fukudome! And like the Cub centerfielder, Fukudome the turtle is very fast - when T takes him out for his walk, he can walk across the entire backyard in no time!

Sunday Afternoon at the Botanic Garden

Monday, June 9, 2008

Quill Pen & Ink

After soaking the quill tips and cutting them, T cleaned out the inside of the quill tip...
She mixed the ink powder with water...
She dipped, blotted, and girl and her quill pen!

Update from Haiti

We received this update from Jamie the missionary....

J is doing really well and is starting to read. Not a lot, but she is sounding out words and she recognizes a bunch of words. Those books you bought her that she matches stickers to word are great. She loves those and they are helping a lot.

F is talking so much. I can't believe it. She just finally decided that she can talk and she does. All of the time. Unless she is singing. She is getting reallyinto "school" too. She loves coloring.

I asked about a time frame for J and she said she really can't say. It changes all of the time.

J 46lbs 47in 21 teeth shoe size 13
F 27lbs 33.5in 17 teeth shoe size 7

Monday, June 2, 2008